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Housing & Property Planning

The mission of the Housing and Property Planning section is to implement the goals, policies and objectives of the Housing Element of the City of Lake Worth Comprehensive Plan and to promote practical, sustainable property stewardship practices while strategically eliminating blight.

Housing and Property Planning staff is responsible for expedited reviews of site plans, building permit applications and required inspections for developments that provide affordable housing, neighborhood stabilization and workforce housing units. Staff also manages the City-owned real property inventory, collaborates with Public-Private partnerships, returns appropriate real property to private ownership and re-purposes suitable City-owned property for maximum community benefit.  Additionally, Housing and Property Planning staff provides evaluation of properties under the City’s Chronic Nuisance Abatement program and serves as a planning resource for the City’s Community Development Block Grant expenditures.

Future goals of the Housing and Property Planning section include the development of a pilot housing rehabilitation program targeted at managing the City’s growing number of foreclosed properties and to provide assistance with identifying funding sources to low and moderate income homeowners of the City who are dealing with Code Compliance deficiencies.

Application Deadlines

Property Files

Individuals & residents may review property files by submitting an email/phone request stating the address of the subject property and a contact phone number or email address for notification when the file is available for their review. or 561.586.1647

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