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Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning staff are responsible for long range planning; regional planning and coordination; development review, analysis, and compliance; and discretionary permit processing.

Functions include the preparation, maintenance, and implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, which guides the development of the City by providing long term goals and objectives; review and analysis of development projects to ensure compliance with the Comprehensive Plan, Municipal Code and other development standards and criteria; and staffing of the Planning & Zoning Board.

The Planning and Zoning staff serve the community in a number of ways by providing information, reviewing and evaluating projects, and assisting the development community in assuring projects are designed and developed in conformance with the City's Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Regulations.  The planning staff works closely with other divisions, departments and agencies inside and outside of the City.

Application Deadlines

Land Development Regulations

Adopted August 6, 2013 | Effective date August 16, 2013

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