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City of Lake Worth Government

The City of Lake Worth, pursuant to its Charter, follows a Commission-Manager form of government.

Residents are served by five non-partisan elected officials. The Mayor and City Commissioners serve for two-year staggered terms and are elected by a city-wide vote. These elected officials appoint the City Manager who is tasked with overseeing all administrative duties and the daily business operations of the City.

The City Commission legislatively establishes policies in the form of ordinances, resolutions or motions, which determine the laws, proceedings and service levels for the City. The Mayor presides at all City Commission meetings.

In accordance with City Commission Rules and Procedures, items may be placed on the City Commission agenda by any Commissioner, the City Manager, or the City Attorney.  Citizens may request to appear before the Commission through the following manner:

  • Request must be submitted in writing.
  • Request must be submitted no later than noon Friday – two weeks prior to meeting date.
  • Request should be sent to:

City Manager
City of Lake Worth
7 North Dixie Highway
Lake Worth, FL 33460

  • Request should include contact data, including daytime phone number.
  • City Clerk will confirm the date that item has been placed on the agenda.
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