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Michael Bornstein, City Manager

Michael Bornstein has been politically and professionally involved in local government in Palm Beach County for over 20 years.  Starting as a County Commission aide in the late 1980’s and then part of the County Public Affairs staff working on the legislative agenda.  He was hired to head up the redevelopment efforts in the Town of Lantana as the Development Services Director in 1998 and was later selected to replace the outgoing Town Manager in 1999 where he served 12 years.  Most recently he was chosen as the new City Manager for the City of Lake Worth and views his efforts there in terms of a significant ‘turn around’ corporation.

He has served on numerous advisory committees and boards over the years including the City of West Palm Beach Audit Committee, the Solid Waste Authority Citizens Advisory Committee, the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Advisory Committee and most recently was one of the League of Cities representatives on the Ethics Commission and Inspector General Ordinance Drafting Committee.  He is the current Palm Beach City Manager’s Association Vice President.

Michael is a 2nd Generation Floridian, graduate of the Florida State University and is married to wife Debra who owns a local court reporting agency.  He has a 26 year old step son who is a Boca Raton Fire Fighter and a 21 year old daughter who is in her senior year at University of Florida.

City Manager Photographs by Mark A. Parrilla |


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