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Introducing Lake Worth Water...

Lake Worth has embarked on an ambitious Capital Improvements Project that will replace many of the water pipes which were installed in Lake Worth 50-60 years ago.  The project, described in a previous edition of Worth Noting, will span six years.  Replacing the severely corroded water pipes will provide better water pressure to customers and require little maintenance by city workers.

Leading the charge for these needed City improvements is Brian Shields, P.E.  Brian is the newest addition to City staff as the Water Utilities Director.  He began his career as a consulting engineer in New York City.  He eventually moved to Florida and became the Utilities Director for the City of Lauderhill.  From there, he spent ten years as the Deputy Water Utilities Director for Palm Beach County.

Brian is excited to be working for a smaller community where he feels that he can “look forward to making a difference by helping improve the quality of life for the citizens with improved infrastructure.”  He says the biggest challenge, like any utilities position, is to produce results with limited funding.

Additionally, Brian oversees the daily operations of the water treatment plant, water distribution system and wastewater collection system for the City.  He also represents the City’s interest at multiple outside agencies including the Sub-Regional Sewer Board and South Florida Water Management District to name a few.

Julie Parham, P.E. has also joined the Water Utilities team at this critical juncture.  Both Julie and Brian say they are enjoying working on the watermain replacement project because of the significance it carries for residents in Lake Worth.  “I really enjoy being involved in some of the large projects the City has underway,” said Julie.  “I think it’s invaluable to see projects under construction that you are a part of.”

Each year the Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association, the industry liaison between the water industry and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, recognizes all those who have played a significant part in operating and maintaining drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems in Florida.  Traditionally, April is celebrated as Water Professionals Month by the Association, and Mayor Triolo proclaimed it as such at the March 22, 2016 City Commission meeting.

The Lake Worth Water Utilities Department is wrapping up their celebrations of Water Conservation Month.  As a reminder, we all can conserve water utilizing a few simple tips:

  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving,
  • Don’t run the water constantly while washing dishes,
  • Cover your pool to prevent evaporation, and
  • Water your lawn during the coolest part of the day. Watering during the hotter period of the day can lead to increased evaporation, and reduce the amount of water your plants and grass are able to absorb.

Brian and Julie make a dynamic duo.  Brian describes himself as friendly, fun-loving, and helpful to others.  Julie is a go-getter who enjoys constantly learning new things and being able to apply them later on.  Both Brian and Julie are dedicated to the community of Lake Worth.  Brian is an avid guitar player, and in his spare time, he has played in many of the local clubs on Lake Avenue.  Julie says that working for the City is “incredible; everyone is progressive-minded and wanting to do great things to make the City better.”

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