Lake Worth, Florida.   The Art of Florida Living.


Neighborhood Associations

Residents are cornerstone of any successful community.  Lake Worth boasts an active citizenry represented by thirteen active neighborhood associations.  Their input and participation has helped create a strong sense of values and transparency.  Lake Worth is a place where neighbor helps neighbor.

Cottages of Lake Worth

Lake Worth, Florida is home to over 1,000 historic cottages.  It's the largest concentration of cottages anywhere in Florida! Located adjacent to the downtown Lake Worth area, the city’s quaint cottages are painted in whimsical pastels and draped by a beautiful canopy of trees.

City of Lake Worth volunteers have formed a Cottages of Lake Worth committee to promote these unique Cottages with the goals of encouraging tourism and the improvement of the properties.

NAPC LULA Lake Worth NSP Lake Worth CRA Cultural Council Compass GLCC
P1000524(1).jpg LWSPF 2007_Tracy.jpg Lake Ave (5).jpg P1000557.jpg Spf aerial.jpg Lake Ave (2).jpg P1000640.jpg house3.jpg Callaro's.jpg P1000637(1).jpg Lake Ave (3).jpg City Hall Annex (1).jpg beach.jpg P1000551.jpg Fitness at Bryant Park.jpg P1000641.jpg IMG_1710.JPG.JPG Triangle Park (3).jpg slide1.jpg FH010004.jpg IMG_3256.JPG.JPG IMG_4417_595x397.jpg Lucerne Art Deco Bldg.jpg golf3.jpg Lake Ave (6).jpg Bryant Park.jpg Triangle Park (1).jpg mission-style.jpg P1000497.jpg fountain.jpg casino-beach.jpg house4.jpg Golf Deck_746x397.jpg P1000504(1).jpg house2.jpg publix.jpg IMG_6814.jpg IMG_6772.jpg IMG_3243.JPG.JPG LW Pier (4).jpg