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City Wide | Alteration of Water Chlorination Process

Lake Worth’s water chlorination method will be temporarily changed from October 31, 2014 through November 16, 2014.  A free chlorine water treatment method will be used to provide a stronger disinfection process. As part of this preventive maintenance, the City will be flushing fire hydrants. | Press Release

Attention Residents in District 3

Florida Public Utilities (FPU) is completing their work upgrading gas lines in District 3.  Residents should contact Lake Worth Public Services at 561.586.1720 by January 1, 2015 with any questions or issues regarding private property restoration or hook-ups, gas smells, or concerns before FPU moves to their next project.

City Wide | Water Flow Testing

Water Distribution is currently flow testing city wide fire hydrants.
This is done to insure proper pressures and operations of hydrants. When flushing crews are working close to your residence or business, you may experience periods of very low pressure or temporary discoloration of your water.

If you experience the following it is recommended to run your water faucets for three to five minutes. Please allow a few hours for discoloration to completely to dissipate. Should you have any immediate concerns or questions please feel free to contact Water Distribution at 561.586.1719.  
Water Utilities - Your Home Town Service.

Grassy Flats Project at Old Bridge Park

Palm Beach County is constructing Grassy Flats - an 11 acre wetlands restoration project situated west of the Par 3 Golf Course off of the Town of Palm Beach.  The far west end of Old Bridge Park will be utilized as a staging area for the project beginning on Wednesday, June 18 and will be fenced off for safety purposes for approximately four (4) months.  The remainder of the Park will remain open.  Press Release

Palm Beach State College | Lake Worth Campus | Continuing Education

Deskside Computer Coaching @ Palm Beach State College

What is deskside coaching? Deskside coaching is a just-in-time training method. You decide when you want training. You decide the topics. You can come to our state of the art computer lab or we will send an instructor to your deskside for a minimum of two hours of one-on-one coaching. You get hands-on personalized attention focused on what you need to accomplish. If you are a motivated learner, then learn from a pro so you can immediately apply the lessons to the work at hand.

Call Jacie Keeley at 561 .862.4735 to schedule your session.

Computer Deskside Coaching | One on One Coaching
CIW Internet Business Associate | Thursdays, November 1 - December 13 | 6pm - 10pm

Temporary Traffic Barriers | Beginning July 1 Through End of November

Lake Worth Water Utilities will be installing water mains, sidewalks and repaving roads at the following locations:

  • 14th Avenue North:  From "A" to "F" Street
  • 15th Avenue North:  From "A" to "D" Street
  • Crestwood Boulevard:  From "D" to "F" Street
  • North "F" Street:  From Crestwood to 14th Avenue North

Click Here for schedule.

Upgrade of Natural Gas Lines

Florida Public Utilities has embarked upon upgrading and installing new pipes in the alleyways throughout the City.  The replacement project will abandon the old steel mains and service lines and replace them with new polyethylene piping which is corrosion resistant and has a longer service life, thus minimizing breaks, gas leaks, and improving service to Lake Worth customers.   Please be cautious during construction and understand there may be temporary limited access in the alleyways.  Maps. 

For more information, call Andy Maynard of MEARS Group Inc. at 678.427.0599 or Matt Ryan of Florida Public Utilities at 561.531.3847.

A Better Life for our Community Cats

The Lake Worth Project by Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League
Funded by Petsmart Charities

Program for cats residing in Lake Worth zip codes 33460 & 33463.  2,100 cats have benefited from this outreach. 
Spayed/Neutered | Vaccinated Against Rabies | Microchipped | $10 Co-Pay
For more information: 561.472.8812 | | | Flyer

Lake Worth Project Includes New Zip Code
Thanks to a new grant from Florida Animal Friends License Plate Fund, Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is able to extend programming to cats in Lake Worth zip code 33461. 
Spayed/Neutered | Domestic/Feral Community Cats | No Charge

A Message from Anne M. Gannon, Constitutional Tax Collector

2014 Property Tax Season
Property taxes are payable November 1 through March 31, 2015.

  • Pay online at  E-Checks are always free.
  • Get a 4% discount by paying property taxes in November.
  • If you pay by mail, do not fold, staple, paper clip, write on, or mark on your payment stub.
  • If you pay in person, save time by using a service center drop box.

Visit for more information. Our Client Advocate is also available to assist you at or 561.355.2264.


South Florida Water Management District News

South Florida Water Management District | Watering Days & Times | Lake Worth
Home Addresses Ending in the Numbers of 0 | 2 | 4 | 6 | 8
May Water Lawns & Gardens on Tuesday | Thursday | Sunday

Home Addresses Ending in the Numbers of 1 | 3 | 5 | 7 | 9
May Water Lawns & Gardens on Monday | Wednesday | Saturday

No Watering between 10am & 4pm. For more information, visit

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