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Once a Storm Has Been Named

  • Do not cut down trees or do major yard work.
  • Do not begin construction projects that produce debris.
  • Once a watch or warning has been issued, do not trim vegetation of any kind.
  • Mass cutting places a tremendous burden on the collection and disposal processes and there is not enough equipment or manpower to handle the additional material before the storm makes landfall. You could put not only yourself at risk but your neighbors as well
  • Do not take materials to the curb, transfer stations or landfill during a watch or warning period. Services may be suspended and facilities closed early to prepare for the storm.

Please follow these tips after a storm is named. | Questions?  Call 561.586.1720 or 561.533.7344

Alteration of Water Chlorination Process

Alteration of Water Chlorination Process | August 14 - September 6
To maintain high water quality in the City of Lake Worth water distribution system, the City of Lake Worth Water Treatment Plant will temporarily change the water chlorination methods for two weeks from August 14, 2015 through September 6, 2015. The City of Lake Worth will also increase hydrant flushing during this time. This is a preventive maintenance process.  Read Full Notification
Need more information?  Call 561.586.1710

Project CatSnip | A Better Life for our Community Cats

Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League is currently offering free surgery for domestic and community cats in the 33460 zip code.

Applications and instructions are on the website.
Community Cats:
Domestic Cats:

Phase 1 Upgrade of Natural Gas Lines

Florida Public Utilities has embarked upon upgrading & installing new pipes throughout the City.  The replacement project will abandon the old steel mains & service lines & replace them with new polyethylene piping which is corrosion resistant & has a longer service life, thus minimizing breaks, gas leaks, and improving service to Lake Worth customers.   Please be cautious during construction & understand there may be temporary limited access on roads & in the alleyways.  Phase 1 Maps | Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program

For more information, you may email Florida Public Utilities' GRIP department at or call Customer Service at 800.427.7712

Anne M. Gannon | Constitutional Tax Collector

Time-Saving Tips
With so many people visiting our offices, here are some insider tips to reduce your wait.

  • Visit to renew motor vehicle registrations, pay business taxes, or make a driver license appointment.
  • Text “waitpbc” to 41411.  We’ll send you current wait times for all office locations.
  • Visit our offices right when they open at 8:15 a.m.  Tuesdays through Thursdays.  Lines are longest during lunch hours.

Moved Recently?
Contact the Property Appraiser at 561.355.2866 to update your mailing address.  We use the information they have on file to mail your Property Tax bill in November.

Visit for office location updates.

Phone Scam Targeting LW Utility  Customers

Phone scammers posing as City of Lake Worth employees are targeting customers across our service territory. These scammers may use false phone numbers that could appear on a caller ID to be City of Lake Worth. They then threaten to shut the power off unless a payment is made immediately with a Green Dot MoneyPak card or personal credit card. These calls are not from us. We will never call and demand credit card information or take Green Dot MoneyPak cards as payment with the threat of disconnection. In fact, we do not ask for any personal information from you unless you initiate the contact.

If you ever receive a strange call and are in doubt, hang up and call us at 561-533-7300. Authorities have been notified of this scam. It seems to be affecting utilities across the nation. If you think you may have been a victim, please contact us at 561-533-7300 or make a Suspicious Incident Report with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office at 561-688-3400.  Once you have a case number, contact us and we will forward to the Detective in charge.

Grassy Flats Project at Old Bridge Park

Palm Beach County is constructing Grassy Flats - an 11 acre wetlands restoration project situated west of the Par 3 Golf Course off of the Town of Palm Beach.  The far west end of Old Bridge Park will be utilized as a staging area for the project and will be fenced off for safety purposes.  The remainder of the Park will remain open.

South Florida Water Management District News

South Florida Water Management District | Watering Days & Times | Lake Worth
Home Addresses Ending in the Numbers of 0 | 2 | 4 | 6 | 8
May Water Lawns & Gardens on Tuesday | Thursday | Sunday

Home Addresses Ending in the Numbers of 1 | 3 | 5 | 7 | 9
May Water Lawns & Gardens on Monday | Wednesday | Saturday

No Watering between 10am & 4pm. For more information, visit

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