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Light Up Lake Worth Nearing Completion

A city-wide initiative, well underway, will convert more than 4,000 street lights to energy-efficient, cost-savings LED lighting. This project promotes traffic safety and security throughout Lake Worth, and saves the City over $250,000 a year in reduced electric usage & maintenance. 

The project, “Light Up Lake Worth” puts the City at the forefront for you in its efforts to reduce energy, heat levels and costs. In conjunction with Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the City identified dark areas, mapped gaps in lighting and committed to the new energy efficient and cost-savings initiative. In addition to replacing existing lights with LED technology, the City is adding approximately 150 LEDs to dark areas.

Lake Worth is recognized as leading the trend in energy efficiency by installing LED lights that reduce heat levels produced by City lights from 4000k* to 2700k per light. This heat level is lower than the required safety standards published by the American Medical Association. Additionally, Lake Worth is the first city in the State of Florida to receive approval to install 2700k LEDs on Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) controlled roadways.

The City of Lake Worth is pleased to be distinguished as having earned the International Dark Skies Association (IDA) compliancy designation.

*k = kelvin is a unit of measure of temperature

LED Street Light FAQs

What are LED Lights?
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Traditional bulbs produce light through a filament that eventually burns out. LEDs produce light when electrons move through a semi-conductor. LEDs have a longer lifespan – about four times longer than current fixtures used in Lake Worth.

Why is the City changing to LED street lights now?
Old lights on Lake Worth streets are approaching the end of their useful life and need replacing.

LEDs use less energy compared to their high-pressure sodium luminaries’ predecessors. LEDs provide better service reliability and lower maintenance costs.

How long is the warranty on LED lights?
LED lights have a 5-7 year warranty.

How much will this cost?
The replacement program will actually save the City money on an annual basis – over $250,000 a year in reduced electric usage & maintenance costs. These savings are paying for the improvement.

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