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Neighborhood Road Bond Approved by Lake Worth Voters


Neighborhood Street Building 101

All you ever wanted to know about your neighborhood streets....

Tax Calculator | Neighborhood Streets Bond Program

How to Find the Taxable Value on Your Property

In order to determine an estimate of the dollar impact of the Neighborhood Street Bond Program, you will need to know the Taxable Value of your property.  Taxable Value is different than Market Value or Appraised Value.

Assessed Value - Exemptions = Taxable Value

You may visit the Property Appraiser of Palm Beach County's website to obtain your property's tax information.

You may find information by owner's name, address or parcel id number.  Enter the appropriate data & submit.


The bottom of the next screen will show the Taxable Value of your property.  This is the amount that should be used in the Neighborhood Street Bond Program Tax Calculator. 







Neighborhood Street Bond Program

Important Note:  Only neighborhood streets that fall under City jurisdiction are under consideration for the bond referendum.  Click Here


District Information |  Maps & Neighborhood Street Listing

District 1 | Map | Street Listing

District 2 | Map | Street Listing

District 3 | Map | Street Listing

District 4 | Map | Street Listing

Pavement Condition Index

What you always wanted to know about roads....  but were afraid to ask!  Click Here








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