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April is Water Conservation Month

Benefits of Water Conservation

  • Lowers your water bill.
  • Saves energy used in producing & pumping water.
  • Protects drinking water resources.

More Tips on Water Conservation

Water  Quality Reports

Staff at the Lake Worth Water Treatment Plant work around the clock to provide top quality water to every tap.  We ask that all our customers help us protect our water sources, which are the heart of our community, our way of life and our children’s future.  The City of Lake Worth Water System routinely monitors for contaminants in your drinking water according to Federal and State laws, rules and regulations.

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

City Wide | Water Flow Testing

Water Distribution is currently flow testing city wide fire hydrants.
This is done to insure proper pressures and operations of hydrants. When flushing crews are working close to your residence or business, you may experience periods of very low pressure or temporary discoloration of your water.

If you experience the following it is recommended to run your water faucets for three to five minutes. Please allow a few hours for discoloration to completely to dissipate. Should you have any immediate concerns or questions please feel free to contact Water Distribution at 561.586.1719.  

Water Utilities - Your Home Town Service.


Fire Hydrant Flushing

The City of Lake Worth Fire Hydrant Flushing Program is a vital component of the Utility Department’s ongoing commitment to provide its customers with the safest and highest quality water possible.

Four times a year, the City of Lake Worth Water Utility Department performs a city wide fire hydrant flushing program of the system. This involves utility workers opening fire hydrants throughout the city, ensuring the water quality standards are met at every service area. In addition to this scheduled flushing, the City of Lake Worth also performs localized hydrant flushing throughout the rest of the year in order to maintain the required chlorine residuals. This localized maintenance flushing is performed in response to daily water quality sampling results. Learn more.


Automatic Distribution System Flushers

Flushing helps maintain water quality. The water entering our distribution system is of very high quality; however, water quality can decline in distribution mains if the mains are not properly managed.  Flushing helps remove “stale” water.  Learn more.


Reserved Capacity Charges

Reserved Capacity Charges: These fees are paid to the building department at the time of building permit issuance

Water Capacity: $3,416.00 per ERU

Sewer Capacity: $2,650.00 per ERU

Meter Size

# of ERUs
















Meter Set & Tap Fees

Meter Set and Tap Fees: These fees are paid to Customer service at the time a meter is applied for.

Meter Size

Meter Set Only

Tap and Meter Set














Temporary Hydrant Meter

Temporary Hydrant Meter

Deposit = $525                   Minimum Monthly Charge = $68 / month


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