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Forms and Spec Sheets

Although some forms are fillable, they may not be submitted electronically at this time.


Master Permit Application*

Business Tax & Certificate of Use

City Clerk

Community Code Compliance

Customer Service - Electric & Water

Domestic Partner

Economic Development & Marketing



Human Resources
Employment Application

Historic Preservation

Lighting Specifications

Parking | Beach Decals | Boat Ramp Permit



Planning & Zoning
Universal Development Application Form
P&Z Application Submittal Deadlines
HRPB Application Submittal Deadlines

Public Services | Water Utilities

*Applications included in the handbook with additional information:

Standard Construction Details CAD PDF
Sanitary Sewer Utilities    
Sewer Details 1 dwg pdf
Sewer Details 2 dwg pdf
Potable Water Utilities    
Water Details 1 dwg pdf
Water Details 2 dwg pdf
General Details     
Dumpster Enclosure Detail   pdf
General Notes dwg pdf
Trench Detail dwg pdf
Typical Backfill Detail dwg pdf
Typical Tree with Root Barrier Detail dwg pdf
Paving, Marking & Signage    
Typical RW Section dwg pdf
Alley Pavement Section dwg pdf
Alley Driveway Detail dwg pdf
Driveway Turnout Detail   pdf
Curb & Gutter Detail dwg pdf
Curb & Bumper Guard; Monolithic Sidewalk Detail dwg pdf
Concrete Walk Detail dwg pdf
Stop Sign & Stop Bar Detail dwg pdf
Street Sign Detail - 1 dwg pdf
Street Sign Detail - 2 dwg pdf
Crosswalk Striping Detail dwg pdf
Pavement Marking Specs - 1 dwg pdf
Pavement Marking Specs - 2 dwg pdf
Accessible Parking Detail dwg pdf
Typical Parking Spaces dwg pdf
Paver Brick Detail dwg pdf
Pervious Paver Detail dwg pdf
Pavement & Sidewalk Restoration dwg pdf
Pavement Joint dwg pdf
Drainage & Erosion Control    
Inlet Apron Detail dwg pdf
Erosion Control Notes Detail dwg pdf
Inlet Filter Detail dwg pdf
Silt Fence Installation Detail - 1 dwg pdf
Silt Fence Installation Detail - 2 dwg pdf
Stabilized Construction Entrance Detail dwg pdf
Swale Replacement Detail dwg pdf
Traffic Calming    
Asphalt Speed Hump Detail dwg pdf
Speed Hump Pavement Marking Detail dwg pdf

Special Events - Beach

Special Events - City Wide



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