City of Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth Beach, Florida.

Addressing & Land File Management

The City of Lake Worth’s Addressing & Land File is managed by the City’s GIS Office.  This is the official regulatory authority on street addresses for the City of Lake Worth.  We create and maintain all existing, approved addresses, and private and public street names.

The City’s Land File is the core database containing every piece of information for address, parcel, owner information, tax information, and valuations.  All the data stored in the City’s Enterprise Software, Naviline, is associated with the correct location information because of the Land File.  The Land File is essentially the core of the city.

What we do....

  • Assign address for new developments;
  • Maintain listings of all approved street names for the City of Lake Worth;
  • Correct/change addresses accordingly;
  • Research questionable address;
  • Be the point of contact for Palm Beach County Property Appraiser (PAPA) and Palm Beach County in regards for addressing and parcel management.


Street Names:
Lake Worth is the official regulatory authority on street names for Municipal Lake Worth.  Our Street Name Index includes all approved public and private streets throughout the city.

Private Streets:
Private streets are owned, maintained and named by the property owner.  However, all names must be approved by the City & County.  It is also the responsibility of the owner of private streets to post the street signs.

Public Streets:
Public streets are defined as dedicated public right-of-way, and are owned and maintained by the City of Lake Worth.  Public streets are legally created on paper by plats, which are survey drawings of subdivisions of land.  When proposed plat is under review, we verify all proposed street names to ensure they comply.  No new street name is approved that is a duplicate with any existing street within the entire county.  When the plat  is officially recorded, and permits for new construction are applied for, we assign addresses using those new street names.

Street Name Changes:
Street name changes can be submitted by anyone.  A request for a Street Name Change application must be accompanied by a petition signed by 100% of the property owners whose property abuts the street in question, and must show the existing name and the proposed new name.  Please note there is a fee that is applicable for street name changes.  This needs to be submitted to the county after having the New Street Name approved by the City.

Address Changes:
A request for an Address Change may be submitted by the property owner for various reasons.  Please note that there is a fee that is applicable for address changes.

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