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Historic Preservation

The City of Lake Worth is dedicated to integrating historic preservation into the local planning process and to increasing public awareness of our community’s unique history.  In 1996, the City Commission adopted a Historic Preservation ordinance designed to protect the City’s historic built environment by instituting a design review process overseen by the volunteer Historic Resources Preservation Board.  Since adoption, Lake Worth has designated six local historic districts and four structures significant to the local history with several recognized by the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Preservation Awards

The City of Lake Worth is pleased to announce the First Annual Historic Preservation Awards Program to be held at the Lake Worth Casino Ballroom on Wednesday, May 17, 2017. This special event will take place during National Historic Preservation Month and is intended to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in preserving Lake Worth’s historic resources. The preservation of our historic resources ensures the retention of our own unique character and identity as well as adds value to our community. We hope that this program will foster a greater understanding of the positive preservation efforts in our community, and the beneficial impact these projects have on our neighborhoods and the City as a whole.

Nominations are due by 4pm on Monday, April 3rd, 2017.
Awards Nomination Form

Application Deadlines

Design Guidelines for Historic Preservation

National Register of Historic Places

  • City Hall Annex
  • Gulfstream Hotel
  • Old Osborne Elementary School
  • College Park Neighborhood District
  • Old Town Historic District
  • Old Lucerne Historic District

Lake Worth Register of Historic Places

  • South Palm Park Neighborhood District
  • Southeast Lucerne Townsite District
  • Northeast Lucerne Townsite District
  • 701 South K Street
  • FEC Railroad Freight Depot at 1105 2nd Avenue South

Property Files

Individuals & residents may review property files by submitting an email/phone request stating the address of the subject property and a contact phone number or email address for notification when the file is available for their review.

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