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2 Inch Watermain Project Begins = Better Water for YOU!

The City of Lake Worth is over 100 years old. While the City has a rich and vibrant history, much of the infrastructure, specifically the watermains that transmit water to your homes, are past their useful life, and need to be replaced.

The majority of the watermains supplying water to your homes were installed as far back as the 1950’s, when Eisenhower was president. In addition to being old, the pipes are also undersized at 2 inches. As a customer, this may result in low water pressure at your home. In addition, these pipes were made from galvanized steel. Over time, buried steel corrodes, restricting flow through the 2 inch pipes even further, leading to lower water pressure at your home.

  When water pipes corrode, the following happens:

  • Restricted water flow;
  • Increased watermain breaks;
  • Increased risk of boil water notices;
  • Increased maintenance for City crews;
  • Increased iron content in the water, causing a red water color (not dangerous to residents).

What is the City doing to address these problems?

The City Commission approved a six year Capital Improvement Project to replace 17 miles of the existing galvanized steel 2 inch pipes with high quality PVC 4 inch piping. This will improve the water pressure and water quality at the homes.

Most of these pipes are located in the alleys and easements behind your home. The City has completed design work for the first year of the replacement project. City crews have already begun replacement for a 2 block section in district 3 to accelerate the project. The remaining work will be contracted out as funding becomes available.

The City is applying for a Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to fund the remaining construction work. The SRF Loan is at a much lower interest rate than commercial bank loans or revenue bonds.  The loans will also be provided over a five year time period.  The loans will be repaid from water system revenue.

How will the project be phased?

The project will span 6 years. The construction contracts will begin in the eastern most side of the city and work towards the west. The rationale for this is that the higher salt content of the ground water in the eastern portion of the city has corroded the pipes at a faster pace.

How will this project affect residents?

  • Better water pressure
  • Clear, and better tasting water
  • Fewer boil water notices
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Residents will be notified prior to any work beginning in their area, and project updates will be provided on the City’s website.

Larry Johnson, Water Utility Director, said, “The City already makes high quality water from our water plant.  This project will bring that high quality water to peoples’ homes.”

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