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Lake Worth Power Tracker

The City is pleased to announce the launch of a new web-based application that will allow customers to track any lateral or higher power outages that may take place in the Lake Worth electric service area.*   The beauty of the application – the Lake Worth Power Outage Tracker - is that consumers may access information via their phone, laptop or tablet.  Bringing this new application to Lake Worth was tasked to Walt Gill, Assistant Director of Electric Utilities.

What is the Lake Worth Power Outage Tracker?
The new application shows a map of the city, with each power outage pin-pointed on the map.  If a customer loses power, they will be able to log in to the City’s website using their phone, laptop or tablet, locate their home or business and see an estimate of when the outage will be resolved. Customers will be able to select a standard map or satellite version of the map.

How does the program work?

It is easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.  Log into the City’s website at
2.  Click on the link “Lake Worth Power Tracker”
3.  Click on the appropriate “Power Outage Area” - it will be highlighted


When the “Power Outage Area” is clicked – a pop-up box will appear providing more details including:

  • Start time of the power outage;
  • Projected repair time;
  • Location of outage;
  • Number of customers affected;
  • Restoration time in hours.


As the application is dynamic, systems operations is able to update the map real-time providing new time estimates for power restoration.

How will the program making solving power outages more efficient?
During an outage, most customers have two questions:

  1. Is the City aware of the outage?
  2. How long am I going to be affected?

Customers will be able to find this information with a “click” rather than a phone call which has become a preferred method in this day & time.

However, sometimes residents have information to report that is important to solving a power outage.  This could include noises that have been heard or something unusual that has been witnessed.  Since phone lines will be experiencing less volume, it will be faster for operators accept the call.

Will customers still be able to call to get information?
Yes.  All of the information will still be available to customers who prefer to phone in rather than use the web-based program.  The phone number to call for outages is 877.454.4480.

How did the City develop the program?
When Gill began work on the City’s communication system in 2012, he found that there was a breakdown between customers’ immediate need for information and the department’s ability to handle the large number of phone calls occurring during a power outage.  Although Gill has drastically improved phone operations during his time working for the City, he wanted to use new technologies that could make information more accessible.

Software similar to the Power Outage Tracker are used by power companies around the country & cost more than 1/2 million dollars to purchase.  Lake Worth has been able to build this application within the utilities department’s operational budget.  Gill has been working KBS Technologies to develop the application based Lake Worth’s individual needs.

*  Power outages that involve 8-10 customers (or fewer) will be provided personal assistance.

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